Work shoes introduction

Work shoes are derived from the equipment of workers, such as miners, lumberjacks, stevedores, excavators, etc.  The particularity of these jobs requires certain security guards to work, and work shoes are one of the special equipment.  


1. New elements of shoes, one of the popular fashions in the clothing industry.  From Europe and the United States fashion personage avant-garde collocation, gradually introduced to mainland China, and widely spread popular.  Work shoes are suitable for artists who dress up as avant-garde, small fashion people, travelers and people who need strong grip shoes for equipment.  


2. The product modeling of cargo shoes is divided into two categories, high and low, and the manufacturing is strong. The upper is often used with cofskin, anti-velvet leather and other materials.  The sole is thick, the craft technology is manual mark stitch, cow tendon bottom, rubber bottom and so on, the whole product is characterized by firm wear resistance.  


3. The multilevel applicability of work shoes and the popularity and popularization of elements in various stores.  International brands such as Timberland, REDWING The Northface,CAT domestic brands such as Camel, PF are excellent fashion brands for manufacturing work shoes.  

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