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Knowledge of working shoes size

2018-11-02 11:33:57    Read:144

The size of shoes is also called shoe numbers.

International, European, American and British.

How can the size of the shoes be converted? Maybe many people don't know. I'll tell you:

For example, if you wear a size 42 shoe, but it says 26 on it, how can you know it is 42? Then you can convert it as follows: 26*2-10=42; that's the number....

That is to say, the rule of shoe size is:

"We usually use two kinds of shoe sizes, one is made in England and the United States, which is generally larger, the other is made in our country, which is smaller. Conversion formula: Chinese system x2 10 = Anglo American system

For example, the foot is 25 centimeters long.

You should also calculate 25 * 2-10=40 code.

The international standard shoe number refers to the millimeter number of feet.

China adopts millimeter or centimeter numbers. For example, 245 is millimeter, and 24 1/2 is centimeter, indicating the same size.

The People's Republic of China Light Industry Industry Standard QB/T "Leather Shoes", which should be formally implemented on September 1 according to the requirements, namely, the new shoe number is no longer marked by European code, but uniformly marked by millimeter. Conversion formula: (Euclidean + 10) *5 = Chinese shoe size, such as Euclidean 35 shoe, corresponding to Chinese shoe size 225; Euclidean 37 corresponding to Chinese shoe size 235. Specifically: 34-220MM; 35-225MM; 36-230MM; 37-235MM; 38-240MM; 39-245MM; 40-250MM; 41-255MM; 42-260MM; 43-265MM; 44-270MM; 45-275MM. There are 0.5 numbers plus 2.5MM.

In addition, the conversion formula with other countries or regions is:

Centimeter number x 2 - 10= euro system (Euro +10) 2= cm

Centimeter - 17. 5 = us +17.5= US centimeter

Centimetres - 18. 5 = British Imperial +18.5= centimeter

Shoe number comparison table:

Women's Shoes

Foot length cm 22.523 23.524 24.525 24.525

Europe EUR 3536373839394040

Us US 55.56 6.57 7.58 7.58

UK UK 44.55 5.56 6.57 6.57

Men's Shoes

Foot length cm 24.525 25.526 26.527 26.527

Europe EUR 3940414243444546

Us US 77.58 8.59 9.510 9.510

UK UK 66.57 7.58 8.59 8.59

(attached: 1 yards =0.9144 cm; 1 yards =36 inch; 1 inch =2.54 cm)

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